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Discover our comprehensive range of professional dental treatments and procedures to meet your dental needs.

Teeth Cleaning and Prevention

Get a comprehensive examination to determine the present state of your teeth and gums, which also includes scaling and polishing to maintain your overall dental hygiene.


Restorative Dentistry

Restore your damaged, chipped or broken tooth with our range of effective dental treatment options from dental crowns, and dental bridges to dental inlays or onlays and composite tooth fillings.


Dental Filling

Repair and protect your tooth that is damaged by decay and return it to its normal function and shape through the use of a composite or GIC filling.


Root Canal Treatment

Preserve your infected or badly damaged tooth from tooth extraction and relieve your toothache via the removal of the nerve from your tooth.


Orthodontic Treatment

Reshape and improve the natural look of your teeth whether they are crooked, protruded or misaligned for a complete smile makeover.



Remove tough stains on your teeth with a longer lasting whitening treatment that will leave you with a noticeably whiter and brighter smile.



Replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth with the use of partial or full dentures for an overall cosmetic improvement and better oral well-being.


Wisdom Tooth Surgery or Tooth Extraction

Remove impacted wisdom tooth or non-restorable tooth that may cause severe toothache, infection or swollen cheeks in order to maintain overall oral health and structure.


Children’s Dentistry

Help maintain your child’s dental hygiene and oral health at all stages of their teeth development, all done in a warm and friendly environment.



Replace a missing tooth with a dental implant made of a strong and sturdy biocomposite material without causing unnecessary harm onto the remaining natural teeth.


Did you know?

Children have fewer teeth than adults.

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